Baseline Nutritionals

Is Still for Sale


Unfortunately, the most recent offer we received, although it looked good for awhile, did not pan out. They were unable to provide the guarantees we needed to conclude the deal.

Keep in mind that we have already turned down 3 multimillion-dollar offers for the same reason: the companies making the offers were unlikely to maintain product quality. And several other offers haven't worked out because, although the companies were into product quality and integrity, they didn't have sufficient financial reserves to restock all the formulas out of the gate and would probably have required over a year to fully restock.

Now, we have received literally hundreds of offers from companies to buy Baseline Nutritionals since last August. And we are still receiving an average of three email a day giving us suggestions as to who should buy Baseline--or offering to take it over themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. We actually need the interested company itself to contact us at, and they need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Whoever takes over needs to be a large nutritional supplement company with an impeccable reputation in the industry that already makes and promotes products with high quality, clean ingredients. Baseline should simply slot under them as a high-end boutique brand.
    • It needs to be a large company capable of paying for, absorbing, and running Baseline as a standalone boutique brand under their primary line.
    • It will require at least a million dollars in reserve simply to restock Baseline's product line, otherwise backorders of a couple of months down the line are inevitable.
    • It needs to be based in the US and it needs to have US-based manufacturing capabilities.
  • The manufacturing has to be cGMP compliant and certified. Which includes a FDA compliance staff, which requires at least 5-years of extensive knowledge of all FDA regulations governing natural supplements.
  • They need already have a staff familiar with shipping and custom regulations as they apply to supplements in multiple countries around the world as Baseline Nutritionals sells products in 40 different countries.
  • They need a customer service team in place that has had extensive training regarding our type of products. They quickly need to have complete familiarity with EVERY product in the line, including all the organoleptics associated with each product and all the potential things that people can experience when taking the products since they would be answering questions about every product. Products that produce noticeable results are not the same thing as products, for example, made by combining lettered vitamins that people never actually feel but take in the hope they will improve health down the road.
  • And the company would need to know how FDA regulations apply to what they can and cannot say about each product. They cannot make medical claims for our products.

As Jon Barron has said, although we would like to pass Baseline Nutritionals on to a company that can be good stewards for the products that you have come to depend on, we would rather walk away with nothing rather than let a company take over that will sell you compromised products in an effort to maximize profits.

That said, keep in mind that even though we are closing our doors, we are still looking for the right company to contact us. And Jon's new book, The Complete Baseline of Health will continue to get that word out for us long after we have closed our doors.

And if you are that company, please remember to get in touch with us at: