Immunify Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by Pamela 3/20/17

My husband is a quadriplegic c5-6. He has bladder infections that can only be treated with VAnko the big guns antibiotic. I am terrified one day it will not work and he will die of sepsis. I can tell when an infection is eminent so I started him on this product. His autonomic dysreflexia has quieted down so far. Keeping a close eye on him and taking his temp but am so hopeful this will keep him out of the hospital with an iv drip of the most potent antibiotic available. He can end up on this for a month even two. His insurance pays for such this extreme treatment that is outrageously expensive, but then his entire system pays for months and month trying to recover. I am positive they would rather pay for good nutrition and this supplement if someone with brains rather than greed was running insurance companies. Anyway. Hopeful.

Review by Neri K. 9/4/14

As long as Baseline of Health Foundation supplements are available for me and as long as I get Jon Barron's health newsletters keep coming in my inbox, I will outlive my mother in law who is 96 and my grand children who are 4 years and 5 months

Review by Sandra K. 2/20/08

I had a horrible attack of the flu. It was so bad that I even thought it could be the bird flu. I was very sick for a month, and even penicillin didn't work to get rid of it. I decided to try Immunify and Super ViraGon together, taking them several times a day, and within a week the flu was completely gone. Jon Barron's products knocked it right out!

Review by Noah 1/31/07

Thanks again for everything, you and Baseline Nutritionals have truly exceeded my wildest expectations and your customer service is first class and second to none. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to our continued relationship. I can't wait to recommend BN to everyone. Thanks again and all the very best always.

Review by Amanda M. 4/9/06

My husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol 3 mos ago and his doctor advised him he needed to take one of the common cholesterol medications. My husband agreed to let me help him based on the information I read on Jon Barron's website about high cholesterol. So he started take Jon's supplements and drinking more fresh juices. He just went back last week for followup tests and the technician was shocked at how much his cholesterol had improved. (They are no longer advising him to take medication). The supplements did such a good job of lowering his cholesterol, I may never get him to the gym, but at least now he is now a firm believer in your supplements!

Review by Travis N. 12/12/04

In today's world, there is almost no option but to partake in yoga or breath work exercises. I've been using the Digestive Enzymes, Phi-Zymes, Immunify, and Super Viragon along with Private Reserve Superfood for over 4 years now. Along with good air and water filtration systems, sickness has become obsolete. Baseline Nutritionals is, without question, the finest health-based company in the world.

Review by Matt M. 3/21/04

2008 was a very successful year for me on the mountain bike racing front and I can attribute a major role in my success to my use of Baseline Nutritionals products. I did a colon cleanse and liver detox in early 2008 and experienced good health all year from the beginning of my season at the end of March until the last race in September and beyond to now. Equally important is the fact that I didn’t experience my usual drop in performance at some stage during the season due to fatigue or burnout even though I did a career high of 20 events.
During the season I was consistent in my use of Private Reserve Superfood™, Accelerator™, Men’s Formula™, Digestive Enzymes™, Ultimate Antioxidant™, Probiotics™, pHi-Zymes™, Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™, and, more recently, Ever Young™. I was receiving massage therapy during this time also and was using the Essential Relief™ oil. When I felt the need I also made use of Super ViraGon®, Warp Speed®, and Immunify™. I was also able to sample the Triple Jointed™ formula. In 2008 I was able to achieve my fifth consecutive West Virginia State championship in the 45+ expert category and take the overall WV Point Series Championship as well. What made this year different is that I was unbeaten in my class in WV from the beginning of July, 2007 until September, 2008. The main difference from that time period and the previous four years was the use of Baseline products during the winning streak. Other highlights of 2008 were the First Place in the Virginia State Championship Series (three races) in the 40-49 expert class and a seventh place finish, in my last year in the 45-49 class, at the National Championships. I am really “hooked” on all the products and several of my friends are now ordering them on a regular and irregular basis.