Men's Formula FAQ


Are any of your products Kosher?

Yes. The products that are Kosher are: Blood Support, Liver Flush Tea, Metal Magic, Warp Speed, Men’s Formula, Women’s Formula, Immunify, and Nutribody Protein.

Do you have an Allergen statement?

This product is not manufactured with milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soy. It is produced in a GMP facility that processes some of these allergens. As part of GMP, quality procedures to prevent cross contamination and allergen contamination include separate warehousing, special air handling systems, physical separators, robust cleaning procedures, residue testing after cleaning, equipment surface swabs, etc. The standard operating procedures ensure compliance with current FDA guidelines and requirements for allergen control.

Didn't this formula previously contain Pygeum Africanum?

Yes, but Pygeum bark has become so popular in herbal formulas that the trees from which the bark is harvested have been decimated. In response, Pygeum has been put on the endangered species list -- and there are no environmentally safe farmed sources available as with Aloe ferox. Jon Barron still likes Pygeum as an herb for use in men's formulas, but will not use an herb from a truly endangered species. Instead he has replaced it with Turmeric root.

Didn’t this formula used to contain Catuaba Bark?

Yes, but Jon Barron replaced it with Mucuna Pruriens Seed.

Mucuna does the same thing as Catuaba—but it does it a whole lot more effectively. The reason is simple. Whereas Catuaba merely “boosts” the brains sensitivity to dopamine, it doesn’t actually “increase” dopamine levels. Mucuna Pruriens, on the other hand, is the world's most concentrated natural source of a compound called L-DOPA. L-DOPA is a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. In other words, Mucuna actually increases dopamine levels in your body and brain. That means you get all of pleasure increase that you see with Catuaba but even more so. And because Mucuna actually increases dopamine levels—not just the brains sensitivity to it—it does a whole lot more. Dopamine works as one of the best natural human growth hormone (HGH) releasers by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase its production of HGH. High levels throughout life of the body's own natural growth hormone (not hormones from the synthetic injections) is known as a major key for human longevity.

Dopamine also increases the production of other hormones such as testosterone. In that regard, it should be noted that any increase in testosterone triggered by Mucuna Pruriens never throws the endocrine system out of balance; Mucuna merely "improves" levels which tend to decrease over time in the average person. Not surprisingly, most of the studies on Mucuna's ability to raise testosterone were done on males, but the effect is just as notable in females (which is why it has been used for years in Jon’s Women’s Formula. And finally, Mucuna Pruriens does indeed function as an aphrodisiac--one that is very potent at increasing libido for both men and women.

The bottom line is that if you swap out Catuaba for Mucuna, you get a much stronger dopamine effect

I started using the Men's Formula. How long should it be before I feel the results, and what should those be?

It all depends on what your natural testosterone levels were when you started. The lower they were, the more bound the testosterone was, the more you will notice and the quicker you will notice it. Some people notice an increase in energy beginning in 7-10 days, a bit more sexual vitality, and an easier time building muscle when they exercise. Others notice much more dramatic results.

Should hormone levels be tested to determine if it's appropriate to take the Women's Formula or Men's Formula?

For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose or prescribe for specific medical conditions, merely provide information. With that in mind... For most people it is not necessary check hormone levels before taking the Women's Formula or Men's Formula. Keep in mind that you are not adding hormones to your body -- only freeing up hormones that are already there. Certainly, if you have any hormonal issues or any illness that is hormonally related, then it is advisable to check with your doctor first.

What is a good age to begin taking the Men's Formula?

For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose or prescribe for specific medical conditions, merely provide information. With that in mind... The Men's Formula can definitely help increase free testosterone levels to be sure (even in men in their 20s) and is being used by athletes now. But the formulas that we're hearing athletes rave about are the combination of Private Reserve Superfood and Accelerator (shakes made with a scoop of each). Major athletes (world class mountain climbers, body builders, cyclists, and martial artists) are telling us of dramatically improved performance and endurance and muscle development using this combination. The other formula that is getting high marks is the pHi-Zymes which dramatically improves oxygen flow and assists with lactic acid removal. As a side note, Jon Barron was asked to use these formulas to develop a performance building nutritional program for one of America's major bike racing teams.

Is there a negative effect to taking Men's Formula if you are under 30?

No. Men's Formula will help maintain testosterone at optimum levels and help protect the prostate.

Pertaining to the instructions, how much is a 'dropper' or 'dropperful'?

One dropper equals 1 ml, as marked on the dropper.

I can't use your tinctures because they have alcohol in them, what should I do?

You can eliminate most of the alcohol in the tinctures by adding the tincture dose to some warm water. As the water cools most of the alcohol will evaporate.
Should I take this supplement between meals or with food? Will it be more effective if taken on an empty stomach?
The tincture is not necessarily more effective on an empty stomach, but absorption into the bloodstream will be much faster if taken without food.